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PremiumTradings Review 2021

Every punter wants to find the best available odds for their selected events. However, it’s not always easy to lock the best prices on the market, as it usually means you need to have accounts at multiple bookmakers. If you are a seasoned bettor, you certainly know that this situation can be time-consuming and frustrating […]
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BetInAsia Slider

BetInAsia Review 2021

Punters always want to secure the best odds on the market to maximize their potential payouts. However, you will likely have to open accounts at multiple online sportsbooks to do so. Long-term bettors know how it can be tough to manage several accounts at different bookmakers. Nevertheless, that is where sports betting broker platforms come […]
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Asian handicap

Asian Handicap Explained in 2021

Many bettors constantly ask me about the Asian handicap, as they don’t understand this betting market very well. Punters who subscribed to our Premium tips have often received Asian handicap picks and got familiar with this betting type. However, I wanted to drive all our followers through this exciting alternative wagering type. In this guide, […]
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Paying for Tips

Paying For Tips I Does It Bring A Value?

Paying for tips has always been a controversial topic in sports betting. Numerous people asked me tons of questions about it. Some of them are strictly against this form of service, while the others are fully supportive. So, I took a keyboard to give my two cents on this hot topic. Should one pay for […]
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