4 Most Popular Casino Games in Thailand


Although casinos are banned in Thailand, it didn’t hurt their popularity. Of course, we don’t speak about illegal activities since gamblers have set their focus on online casinos. They are still not regulated by Thai law, meaning online casinos are still in a gray area in this country. In other words, playing in online casinos is not prohibited, and therefore, Thai players exploit them increasingly in the past period. In this article, we will go through the four most popular casino games in Thailand.

Online Slots

Like in other parts of the world, online slots are among the most famous casino games in Thailand as well. This fast-paced casino game is very easy to learn, and you don’t need any special skills to try out your luck. Among thousands of slot machines, you should pick those most attractive for you and offer high jackpots. Thanks to special symbols, like wilds and scatters, Thai players can unlock different bonus features, get free spins, and increase their chances of winning some profits.

If the online slot has a progressive jackpot feature, you could get lucky to hit particularly high prizes. Those lucrative jackpots attract many players, who hope to be the lucky ones to win the prize that can change their lives. Many of these slot machines you can find in online casinos like UFABET. The best part is that you don’t need to stake much to be able to hit big rewards! The stakes can be as low as just a couple of cents!

Football Betting

Although Thai football is not among the best in the world, the people in this country are its huge fans, and it’s not surprising to see many bettors. More than two million Thais enjoy football wagering, and the online betting market is rapidly growing. Besides the pre-match betting, punters can place wagers on their football tips after the game starts as well. Technological improvements made it possible to keep track of dozens of leagues in real-time and have all the important stats at your fingertips.

A single football event can accumulate tens of billions of Thai baht in wagers. The English Premier League and Champions League are among the most popular competitions on which Thai punters like to place their bets. Besides picking the winner of the matchup, bettors have many different markets at their disposal. Football betting will keep increasing its popularity among Thai bettors, and we could expect increased activity in this gambling sector.


Baccarat is another very popular casino game among Thai players. Unlike online slots, players can use their skills to increase their chances of winning. Therefore, baccarat is not a pure game of chance. It is a traditional casino game, and its rules are pretty straightforward to learn. This famous casino game is suitable for newbies in the casino world as well. Besides, the house edge for baccarat is among the lowest in the gambling industry, meaning that your chances of winning with a proper strategy are considerably high.

Reports say that baccarat’s popularity constantly increases, and 45 percent of online gamblers in Thailand enjoy playing it. Consequently, it’s not strange that the majority of online casinos available in Thailand include this game in their offer. It’s fun to play baccarat, and since you can win real money from it, it attracts so many players.

HI LO Thai

Other types of online casino games, besides online slots and table games like baccarat, are very popular in Thailand. HI LO Thai is hot in Thai casinos now, and it’s a traditional dice game. Players can now roll the dice on their computers and mobile phones as well. HI LO Thai is very exciting but also very challenging as you roll three dice. You get the game outcome in seconds, and its high tempo makes it more fun and attractive. If you wonder how much you can profit from this game, you should know that it offers high odds. On the other hand, it’s a bit tougher to win bets compared to Sic Bo, for example, but if you understand the rules properly, you can win big!


Online gambling is a high-growing industry in Thailand, and predictions say that players constantly increase. Casinos continuously add new titles to their offers, providing more possibilities to their players. With online casinos like UFABET, you have all these games in one place, so why don’t you try them out? You can count on a generous welcome offer that can increase your possibilities of hitting massive jackpots!


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